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London Sport Charity - London Marathon 2024

London Marathon 2024 Charity Fundraiser

About this Giving Opportunity

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Why London Sport?

There are so many worthy causes to fundraise for and having grown up in London and being active before I could even walk, I wanted to support a fantastic charity called London Sport.

London Sport offers under-represented and under-served communities, who face the most barriers to participation, access to physical activity and sport. Physical activity and sport, brings people and communities together. In doing so new relationships, positive lifestyle changes and wellbeing are developed. As someone that has been fortunate enough to be physically active and have access to sports clubs, I really appreciate the benefits and want to support London Sport make a difference to as many people as possible.

During the Ride Across Britain in 2022, where with friends and families support, I raised over £4k for JDRF (leading global type 1 diabetes charity), I was inspired by so many. It was a humbling experience taking to the beautiful roads across the UK (potholes excluded), with participants riding handcycles, on tandems due to loss of sight; everyone had an amazing cause to ride for. Taking what I learnt during that experience and being committed to do more for my local communities, is why I am raising money for London Sport.

I started running in late 2022, with a goal of completing a marathon in 2023. I was fortunate enough to run the Amsterdam marathon in Oct 2023 and completed it in a time of 3:29:29. I wasn’t racing the marathon; I was simply trying to finish as my training had been hampered by injury. The experience was amazing, the athletes, the sights, the crowds shouting encouragement and the hailstorm halfway through! I’ve been in numerous difficult situations when taking on physical challenges and the power of the mind is incredible. I have by no means conquered the “mind over matter” concept, but I do know that you can always dig deeper. I will undoubtedly need to do so during the London marathon and will be motivated by what London Sport do and how the money raised will impact so many.

 Let’s all be advocates for health and well-being, by removing inequalities that exist for too many people across London!

Please visit the London Sport website for further information

I would like to thank you for helping me and London Sport support the many thousands of people that do not have access to physical activity and sport. Your donation is making a difference and will change lives!


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London, SE1 4YB, United Kingdom

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